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Alma Lasers Aesthetics Conference and Workshop

17-18. May 2024.

Budapest, HUNGARY

Guest speaker: Prof. Ofir Artzi MD

Conference’s subject

During the conference, we will learn about the development of energy-based devices in the aesthetic dermatology industry.

How did we get from traditional mechanical devices such as dermapen to aesthetic treatments like plasma and laser?

What solutions do these new generation devices provide that were not possible before?

Dermatologist colleagues share their interesting cases and will provide info about what tools and protocols they used to solve them.

Rejuvenation and prevention, that is delaying the appearance of the signs associated with aging.

Within the framework of a round table discussion, we discuss interesting dermatological-aesthetic cases, who would solve the given problem and how?

The second topic is scar treatment: how do the variety of procedures affect the damaged skin areas?

How can you achieve outstanding results with the Alma Hybrid laser device combined with various techniques?

Both topics will be followed by a live presentation where the presenters will demonstrate treatments using Alma Lasers devices.

We welcome all the best dermatologists, aesthetic and plastic surgeons, as well as those who are working at the same department at this exclusive event.

Prof. Ofir Artiz

The beauty of knowledge, the aesthetics of entertainment

Our guest speaker is the internationally renowned Prof. Ofir Artzi, who will share the latest aesthetic solutions with us and present various treatments using premium aesthetic laser platforms from Alma.

During the treatments, we use the Alma Hybrid, which is the only laser based aesthetic device in the world that contains 3 types of energy sources.

With the help of the ablative CO2 laser, we can create controlled damage on the surface of the skin and in the skin as well.

The non-ablative Er:Glass laser is capable of thermal rejuvenation without damaging the skin surface.

Helping with the Impact ultrasonic handpiece, we can deliver the active ingredient deep into the tissues in the treated area.

Most interesting topics

  • Introduction to skin rejuvenation and ablative procedures (Prof. Artzi)

  • Energy-based device. The technological revolution of aesthetic medicine

  • Live demonstration – Facial rejuvenation with ablative laser

  • Scars/Scar treatment – Introduction (Prof. Artzi)

  • Live demonstration – Scar treatment with ablative laser

  • Marketing/Sales Session – How will ablative procedures elevate your clinic?

Prof. Ofir Artiz kezel

Guest Speakers & Participants

Prof. Ofir Artzi is an internationally renowned clinical dermatologist, a specialist in aesthetics and medical lasers. He specializes in the prevention, treatment and remodeling of scars using energy-based tools. He is a university lecturer and leader and several international aesthetic and dermatological conferences.

Among the leading laser centers in the USA and Europe, he has acquired a unique expertise, focusing on the prevention and transformation of scars.

Another expert who shares her practical experience is Dr. Georgina Bárdos-Szima, founder of Szimaderm Dermatology and Aesthetics.

As a regular visitor and lecturer at international conferences, the doctor is able to apply the latest aesthetic technologies and pass them to the conference participants.



Prof. Ofir Artiz

Prof. Ofir Artzi

Prof. Ofir Artzi is an expert in lasers and aesthetic dermatology.

Dr. Artzi is a member of several national and international dermatological and cosmetics professional associations.

For his outstanding work, Forbes magazine chose him as one of the best doctors in the world.

Dr. Bardos-Szima Bernadett

Dr. Georgina Bárdos-Szima

Yet during in her university years, she became familiar with laser treatments, moreover several of her researches and scientific publications were about it.

After her specialist examination as a dermatologist, she became a specialist in the combination of lasers and other traditional aesthetic interventions within aesthetic dermatology.

„In the case an aesthetic problem of my patients who come to me, I follow the basic principlese, in addition to preserving naturalness, I create a fresher-looking appearance that makes the patient look several years younger by preserving the original character of the face.”

Conference program

Agenda 2.day

The location: Stopper Event Boat on Danube

Address: 1138 Budapest, Moszkva sétány

 Parking: 1138 Budapest, Latorca u. 2.

Route planning…

Stopper Rendezvényhajó
Stopper Rendezvényhajó
Stopper rendezvényhajó térkép

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After the lectures (5:00 p.m.) we provide a short sightseeing cruise (approx. 30 minutes) based on prior on-site registration.

One tournament can accommodate 12 people.

The boat runs continuously until the start of dinner (19:30).

The dinner is followed by a party (music and dancing) until 11:30 p.m.

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Frequently asked questions &  answers

How can I register?

You can register for the Alma Academy Budapest Masterclass event online after filling out the registration form above, where you must follow the instructions provided. You must fill out a registration form with your personal information and select the appropriate registration type. After a successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email with further details.

How much is the registration fee?

EUR 150 for a 2-day Pass and EUR 250 for a 2-day Premium Pass.

What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers participation on both days of the event, live presentations, refreshments/meals (lunch, gala dinner, coffee breaks) during the congress.

How is the registration fee paid?

After the registration is received, we will send a proforma invoice to the specified address, which contains the account number to which the registration fee must be transferred.

Does the Masterclass event provide any certificates/acknowledgments regarding participation?

Yes, we provide an Alma Lasers certification to each participant based on their registration name, which we hand over to the participants at the end of the first day.

Will there be on-site registration?

There will be NO on-site registration for this event. Please complete your online registration before the participation deadline to guarantee your participation for the event.

Which hotel should I stay in Budapest?

We recommend you to stay in the Four Points by Sheraton Budapest Danube hotel, which is close to the event location.

What languages will be used in the lectures and presentations?

The official language of the event is English. All lectures will be held in English.

What is the dress code at the event?

Business casual/simple casual.

Will there be Wi-Fi on site?

Yes, free Wi-Fi will be available throughout the event. Attendees will have access to a high-speed Internet connection, allowing them to stay connected, access online resources, and engage with event-related content. Check-in instructions and network details will be posted at the event.

We are waiting for your questions!

Looking forward to hearing from you if you have any questions!


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